Another academic year is over in the IISL in Oñati. It has been a very intense year. In the Institute we have had 19 students from different parts of the world. Since 1 April we are hosting 16 workshops plus 3 bilkuras. The year was indeed very busy.

Enrolment for next year has been successful and the Institute will have excellent master students. For me it was the last year in Oñati as the academic director. Professor Vincenzo Ferrari will take over the directorship from 1 September 2016. I wish him successes in his term in the office and also realisation of his plans.

It has been busy, sometimes stressful but interesting three years. I am grateful to all staff of the Institute for their help and support over these years. They are very friendly and extremely professional. It has been confirmed many times by all people from outside who had a contact with the staff in the Institute.

I am also grateful to my kuadrilla in Oñati. They adopted me 3 years ago offering friendship and help in a new environment for me.

Last but not least, I want to express that I feel privileged to have had contact for three years with wonderful master students in Oñati.

Adam Czarnota
Oñati, 20 July 2016